Long distance relationships

So you’ve found your love, discovered happiness and now you have to wave goodbye. Anyone will tell you to just face the music because long distance relationships very rarely work and may cause more hurt in the long run.

Some things are worth fighting for

You shouldn’t care about what someone else has to say. What made them relationship experts in the first place? If you feel its right, you shouldn’t give up. No one said it was going to be easy. It may require some sacrificing and meticulous planning. It will probably be frustrating and upsetting at times. However, when you do spend time together, you’ll appreciate it all the more.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Look at being apart as an opportunity to test your love and appreciate each other more. Communicate regularly and keep each other updated as to what is going on. Do not over communicate – it’s less about spamming and more about timing. Do some scheduling. Plan to visit each other as often as possible and take holidays together. Have something to look forward to. Idaho in the US, for example, is a nice place for romantic holidays.


Set Boundaries

Ground rules are important. Establish what is permissible and what is not ahead of time. You don’t want to end up unknowingly hurting each other. Stay away from risky situations and make sure you’re honest with each other. Keep each other updated as to timetables and whereabouts.

Get creative

Be imaginative about ways to spend time together. Play an online game together, watch the same films, read the same books, send each other letters or postcards. Do little things to remind yourselves of each other.

Think of the silver lining

Be positive and look towards the future, plan it together, and have a goal to strive towards. Even if it hurts at times, rest assured that in the end you will be together.